Wednesday, March 6, 2013

These are my confessions.

I linked up today with Catalyn at Confessions of a Northern Belle to share my confessions.

So here they are....

1: I confess that I cannot help but sing Usher to myself every time I hear the word confession.

2: I confess I bought my dog a birthday hat and present and made him wear it yesterday.

3: I confess that I eat something sweet (candy, cookie, cake) almost every day (a few times a day)... Those that work with me know this already.

4: I confess that I have many organizational skills... and very little organization.

5: I confess that my husband cooks, and I do not.

6: I confess that I am addicted to concealer. I have had dark circles since 2nd grade and I feel an extreme need to cover them up.

 7: I confess that I read Reality Steve Spoilers in the middle of the Bachelor season... for the past 4 seasons to find out who wins before it is over.

That's all that I have to confess for this week.

If you have confessions to make, link up with Catalyn.



  1. I have candy with me everyday. My husband has banned them since we started eating healthy and I am having major withdrawals

    Found you through the link up :)

  2. So this has nothing to do with this post, but I tried putting your button on my blog and it saying the link doesnt exist :-X

  3. My husband does a lot of the cooking around my house... Not going to lie about that one! And I love me some old school Usher. :)

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  4. Stopping by from the walkabout linkup and am your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by my blog and follow along.

  5. LMAO about the dark eyes since you were 2... LOL. I also sing Usher too!!!!

  6. I sing the Usher song EVERY time I think about Confessions haha. I love that you made your dog wear a hat - dressing up pets is the bes tthing ever.

    Thanks so much for linking up!!!